MTB Rogaine 2020

Taupo Mountain Bike Club’s first Rogaine series was held in April and October 2019 in association with Huka Cycles Taupo.  The events were a huge success with over 140 competitors taking part.

Keep watching for announcements on our 2020 events which will be made in the year year.

Huka Cycles Taupo will again be on board to bring you this great fun event that combines the excitement of a typical mountain bike ride with the added dimension of map reading, route choice and trying not to get lost!  This family friendly event has been created to offer a fun, exciting afternoon on the bike, exploring the trails, tracks and locations around Taupo.   Enter as a team, family or take on solo.  All you need is a pen or pencil, your mountain bike (or BMX bike for kids) and a good sense of direction.

Entry details and dates will be available in early 2020.


You will be given a map with checkpoints worth varying points.  You will be given a sheet with questions relating to each checkpoint.  Then make your way to the checkpoints as quickly as you can and find the answer to the questions.  You have 1.5 hrs to look at your map, work out the route you think is the quickest to collect as many points as possible, jump on your bike, find the checkpoints and answer the question at each checkpoint.  Then return to the base before time is up.

Teams must stay together (50 mtrs apart maximum).  Teams made up of riders under the age of 13yrs must be accompanied by an adult.  Roads remain open to the public and you must obey the road rules. Riders will be disqualified if they cross the State Highway or go on to private property.  If you are late back to base, time penalties will apply so you need to be on your game!  The most points collected (less any penalties) wins!

Huka Cycles Taupo

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