The Gambler 2022

Entries closed!

The Gambler is a unique event offering a fun, challenging race with a point of difference being the introduction of a strategic element.

Riders have 4 hours to accumulate as many points as possible by completing a choice of 4 different trail loops in the order of their choosing – with each loop worth different points according to their length and difficulty (Grade 2 – 4 trails).  The new E Bike Category will have 3 different trail loops.  Therefore riders need to plan and strategise how they will race this event – will they do the same loop over and over, or perhaps attack the difficult loops worth more points first – who knows?  Under this format it will not necessarily be the fastest rider that wins, but the most strategic rider/s of them all.  This event caters for the avid racer as well as teams or families out to have a bit of fun.  We have a dedicated loop for junior riders only (12 years and under).

Location & Facilities

EVENT BASE: Craters MTB Park – at the dirt carpark off Karapiti Road (The road to Craters of the Moon).

BRING YOUR TENT: You are most welcome to bring a tent for your team and set up for the day at the event base – we will have a designated area for this.

PARKING: Limited parking in the event village – teams bringing a tent for shelter during the event will have priority for parking.  Parking marshals will direct you for parking along Karapiti Road.  Riders can also drop off gear at the event base and park at the new Hub area by Kefi at the Hub cafe and ride/walk back up to the event base.


NO WATER ONSITE so please come prepared

FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Volcanic Coffee will be onsite for the day providing hot & cold drinks and limited food.  Mr Whippy will also be onsite.

Key Times

Registration from 9:00am – 9:30am – Event Base: Craters MTB Park – dirt carpark

Race Briefing: 9:45am (all riders must attend)

Race Times: START 10am – 2pm FINISH (all categories)

Prize-giving: ASAP after race finish

Categories and Pricing

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid congestion and delays to the race start, ALL ENTRIES  will need to be done ONLINE prior to the 8th September 2022.

  • Solo Male ($35 TMTBC Member: $45 Non-member)
  • Solo E Bike Male ($35 TMTBC Member:$45 Non member)
  • Solo Female ($35 TMTBC Member: $45 Non-member)
  • Solo E Bike Female ($35 TMTBC Member: $45 Non-member)
  • Teams (2-4 riders per team): Male, Female or Mixed ($80 TMTBC Member: $90 Non-member)
  • E Bike Teams (2-4 riders per team): Male, Female or Mixed ($80 TMTBC Member: $90 Non-member)
  • Family (2-4 riders per team): Max 2 Adults – young riders must be 12 years and under.  Family teams must have at least 1 Adult and 1 Junior rider ($60 TMTBC Member: $70 Non-member)
  • School Teams (2-4 riders per team): Senior 13-17 yrs or Junior 8–12 yrs ($60 TMTBC Member: $70 Non-member) – If one rider in a team is a senior, then the whole team must enter in the senior category.  All riders in a team do not have to be from the same school.
  • ALL MEMBERS in a team must be TMTBC Members to take advantage of the member rates.
  • The entry form asks for your TMTBC member tag number so have it ready.  Non-members simply enter N/A in the form.
  •  18 years and over are considered Adults
  • Age is as at 11/9/2022

Courses and Rules

2022 Map  The Gambler

2022 Map The E Bike Gambler


LOOP 1 – GREEN ARROWS – 6 POINTS: Tankstand up – Grinder – Buzzard – Coles – Walters Wiggles

LOOP 2 – BLUE ARROWS – 4 POINTS: Scraggs – SHFun full to Manager Corner – Scraggs Return

LOOP 3 – PINK ARROWS – 3 POINTS: Beagle Boys – Scraggs Return

LOOP 3a – PINK ARROWS – 3 POINTS:  Tourist Trap – Piker (Please note this Loop is only for Junior Teams and kids in Family Teams 12 yrs and under – NO ADULTS on this course  – with the exception of a parent accompanying their child on their first loop, but you must stay out of the way of other riders and ensure you let them pass asap) 



LOOP 1 – BLUE ARROWS – 4 POINTS: Scraggs – SH Fun Full to Managers Corner – Scraggs Return

LOOP 2 – WHITE ARROWS – 2 POINTS: Tanksatnd – Coaster

LOOP 3 – LIGHT BLUE – 6 POINTS : Spyce Girls – Outback – ZZ Top – Megalicious – Merge with Walters Return – THIS LOOP IS FOR E BIKES ONLY

Gambler-Rules (1) Note: subtle changes have been made to the handing over of bands between team members and for solo riders to improve on last years process.  Teams will now tag their next rider and then hand in their bands.  Solos riders will be placing their bands on stands visible for all other riders to see for the duration of the event.

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