• Pack & Pedal
    Supporters of the 2017 and 2016 Summer Series Timed Long & Short Courses and sponsors of The Gambler
  • Strettons CA
    Strettons have supported MTB Taupo since 2004, initially as reviewer of the Club's financial affairs. Since 2014 Strettons have compliled the Annual Financial Statements for the Club. We sincerely thank Strettons for all this work.
  • Sign On
    Supporting Taupo MTB Club with awesome looking personalised race number plates for club members
  • Taupo Bungy
    Supporter of the 2018 Gambler.
  • Mr. Whippy
    Mr. Whippy is a proud supporter of the club offering refreshments after the summer series as well as the Gambler.
  • Kefi Cafe
    Supporters of the 2018 Summer Series and Gambler
  • Taupo Tandem Skydiving
    Supporters of the 2018 Gambler.
  • Lakehouse Taupo
    Supporters of the 2018 Gambler
  • Croucher Brewing
    Supporters of the Gambler 2018
  • Active Plus
    Supporters of The Gambler 2018
  • Squirt
    Supporter of The Gambler 2018
  • Double H2Go
    Supporting the Taupo MTB Club with much needed water at our events